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I’ve never been interested in being politically correct. That’s not going to change. I’d rather be a truth-teller than a people pleaser. PineappleWe live in a crazy, jacked up world where people strive to redefine reality to suit their agendas, then try to force everyone else to follow suit.

Let’s be clear… You may identify with a pineapple, but that does not make you a pineapple.crested_porcupine You can call yourself a pineapple, wear yellow and green and be super sweet, but if you were born a porcupine, you will always be a porcupine. Changing your name and appearance will never change your DNA.

You are free to change yourself and call yourself whatever you choose; however you are not free to dictate my reaction or response.Pineapple Craft If I see a porcupine in a pineapple suit, I might stare at the strange spectacle. I might even ask the porcupine why it is dressed like a pineapple. That may very well be my response, and it would be an honest one. I am neither required nor obligated to call porcupines pineapples regardless of their attire.

It is not my intention to offend any porcupines or pineapples, but I know there’s always a possibility that someone may feel offended if they disagree. That’s okay with me. I won’t be offended by their disagreement or offense. That would be insanity.