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The new Darren Aronofsky movie, Noah, starring Russell Crowe, opened in theaters this past Friday provoking controversy among Christians over deviations in the film from the Biblical account. As a result, there has been a myriad of public discussion and bickering about it over social media. Everyone seems to have an opinion, and that’s okay. Every movie is subject to criticism. When a film is criticized, it’s not “judgment,” it’s simply the nature of the entertainment industry. People are very vocal about what they like and what they dislike. There’s nothing wrong with that. They are entitled to voice their opinions.
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Personally, it’s no surprise that the atheist director quoted as saying he made the “least Biblical Biblical film” would tell a different story than the one found in the scriptures. Even so, it’s ridiculous to assume that just because a movie is inspired by a Bible story, that Christians should be embracing it. If somebody doesn’t want to see the film because it deviates from the Biblical account, that’s totally valid. It’s no different than choosing not to see Divergent or some other movie inspired from a book because of deviations from the original story. Choosing not to see a film is not the equivalent of a “boycott” – but that word is being manipulatively thrown around in accusation of those who have chosen not to go see it. Why? What is the big deal anyway? It’s just a movie.

See it, or skip it. Embrace it, or reject it. The choice is yours. Make your decision, and allow others to decide for themselves. You don’t need to agree. In the grand scheme of things, does this even matter? It certainly isn’t something worth arguing about. It’s just a movie.


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