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Our God is an all consuming fire! His white hot flame burns away every impurity. It burns away all that corrupts. It burns away every hindrance, and anything that sets itself up as an obstacle between you and Him. So, what are you holding onto? Can it withstand the heat of His Presence? Will it disintegrate into oblivion when the Fire falls? Can you open up your hands and let it go? Are you willing? Will you choose to stay in the Fire, no matter how much it burns? Or will you run away, fists tight, clutching the ashes of a delusion you will not discard?

What happens if you stay in the Fire? What will remain after the burning? What remains after the Fire has come, is only that which is lasting and eternal. What remains has been refined. What remains is pure and holy. It has been perfected, purified, and shines with the glory of God. The fire of His Presence changes us – it transforms us – and we are radiant! We glow with evidence that we have been in His Presence; because when we see Him, we are like Him.


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