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This weekend, Firestarters (the ministry I’m a part of) is having a special “Washed: Retreat Weekend” with worship meetings, acoustic coffeehouse sets, personal prophecy sessions, and various arts workshops. It began last night, and will continue until Sunday evening. So far, I have been having a blast! God is moving and speaking among us in so many ways, which always excites me.

This afternoon, I participated in the writers’ workshop, and we did a writing exercise in response to the following prompt: “I am crossing over…” It was inspiring to hear all the different writings that were created and shared as a result. It’s very powerful when writers join together in the Presence of God with the intention of creating under the influence of Holy Spirit. God breathes on us imparting inspiration, revelation and authority to the creative written word. This can be life changing! Today, as we spent time writing, Holy Spirit did something amazing. In response to the prompt, we all ended up writing prophetic declarations over our own lives. This is what I wrote:

Crossing Over – By Angela Garcia

I’m crossing over into the land of promise

Moving into the place where dreams receive body, breath, and spring to life

Drinking in the sweet nourishment of each word He has given me

Landmarks and milestones along my journey

Peering into the distance

Looking ahead

Gazing at what appears to be far off

With the knowledge that often times things are much closer than they seem

I am stretching

Reaching out



Full of expectation and exhilaration

As I touch “what is to come”

And pull it into “the now”

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