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I have a confession to make: I am not satisfied. I am not satisfied now, nor have I ever been. In fact, as long as I’m living on this earth, I don’t think that I’ll ever be satisfied. I also confess that I hope this is true, because I don’t ever want to be satisfied. I don’t ever want to get to a place where I think that I’ve arrived. I want to keep moving upward and onward in my relationship with Jesus Christ – always progressing forward – ever chasing after Him. I want to remain hungry and thirsty, always desiring more of God – with every taste of His goodness only resulting in an ever increasing longing for even more… Always wanting to go deeper, wanting to see Him more clearly, wanting to experience more of His Presence, wanting Him to fill me afresh with more of His Spirit, wanting to be emptied more and more of myself so that I can carry more of His power in this earthen vessel, wanting more of His glory to pour out of me into the world wherever I go.

I love how conversion is an ongoing and progressive process. How as lovers of God, as followers of Jesus Christ, we are made new in an instant – yet we’re continually being called to higher and deeper places in Him that bring about even greater metamorphosis. How there are multiple moments along the way, those special places on the journey, where we receive revelation or understanding that transforms us and once again we are changed.  How as He does this, He continues to open our eyes to more of His Vision, showing us the world as He created it to be. How the spiritual realm that is ever surrounding us comes to the forefront of our vision as our spiritual eyes are opened, and we get even more of a glimpse of His purposes in the earth, and in our own lives personally as He shows us our small part in His big plan. How the more we come to know Christ, the more there is to know. How His well is so deep and without end that we can drink of Him forever, and it will never run dry. All of this is just too awesome for me to really wrap my mind around.

And all of this is why, I don’t ever want to be satisfied.


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