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The past couple of years, have been difficult for me on a personal level. Truthfully, I’ve been glad to see them come to an end. 2010 was marked with turbulence right from the start, and 2011 began with an explosive bang that shook our household to its very foundations. Very much like a natural disaster, relief came mid-year followed by a time of navigating through the aftermath.

At the closing of each year and the beginning of the next, I find myself reflecting upon various events that I’ve been through and the resulting lessons learned. Each year, as I continue to draw close to the Lord, I find that God uses the events of my life to reveal another aspect of who He is. In 2010, it was Emmanuel – “God with Us.” I often felt like He was the only true friend that I had. There was so much going on that I couldn’t speak about, and He was there to walk with me through it all – even carrying me at times. When I needed Him the most, He completely surrounded me. He never left me, and He never failed to give me the direction and guidance that I needed. This enabled me to have supernatural joy in the midst of hard times.

In 2011, God revealed Himself to me as Joshua – “YAHWEH is salvation” or “God rescues.” During the turmoil of the previous year, when I really wanted to take some action and do something about my situation, He spoke to me very clearly. He basically told me to do nothing. He told me to stand and that He was going to fight for me. One seemed contingent upon the other. Meaning, it was necessary for me to just stand, in order for Him to stand up and fight for me. So, in faith, I fought the inclination to take matters into my own hands and simply waited. And waited. Expecting Him to move on my behalf. And just when it seemed like I couldn’t take it anymore – like I was going to go out of my mind with the all the standing and waiting… He kept His word, and He came through for me. His rod and His staff comfort me (See Psalm 23:4). In 2011, I learned what it means to have a God that loves me so much that He would fight for me.

Upon discussing the new year with several friends, it seems to be a common viewpoint that 2011 was particularly rough. Everyone seems to be happy that it is over and that we are moving on into a new year. Entering into 2012 fills me with so much excitement! So much change and breakthrough has happened and I am expecting to cross over into something new. The path before me is opened wide, full of possibilities and I’m moving forward in anticipation of what God will reveal to me throughout this new year.



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