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I’ve never really been the type to cry at weddings. In fact, it is such an unusual occurrence for me that I can distinctly remember those rare moments that have moved me to tears. Recently, I had the unique pleasure of witnessing the wedding of two of the most awkward people that I have ever encountered – possibly two of the most awkward people on the face of this planet. Now, this is not an exaggeration for shock or humor’s sake, and I certainly mean no disrespect to the couple. I’m just being completely honest. Without going into too much detail about it, I’ll just say that the awkwardness they both possess is unparalleled. I have never seen anything like it. Surprisingly, as I watched this couple joining their lives to one another in marriage, there were moments where I found myself holding back tears.

As I looked at them, I couldn’t help being overwhelmed by God’s love. I watched the awkward way that she held his arm in the wrong place as they walked over to light the unity candle, and I was struck by the beauty of how completely perfect they seemed for one another. I wondered how they had met. Finding a person to spend the rest of your life with is difficult enough without the obstacle of extreme awkwardness, and I wondered how they had gotten past it. I wondered about their initial conversation and about the others that must have followed. And I marveled at how they had ever gotten together.

As I watched and wondered, overwhelmed by the beauty of God’s love, it occurred to me that I was witnessing a miracle. Even now, as I think about them, it amazes me that these two found each other. Maybe it’s always a miracle when God brings two people together and they choose to join their lives and become one. The fact that any two human beings would pledge to love one another and unselfishly consider each other every single day for the rest of their lives. . . Well, that definitely seems like a miracle to me. Marriage is a sacred mystery. It is a natural example of the spiritual union between Christ and the Church – the ultimate picture of sacrificial love. As I consider this, my parents and many other couples come to mind. It has been such a blessing to know so many people who serve as wonderful examples of faithfulness and love.

I’m very thankful that I went to this wedding because it was such a rare and beautiful gift. I never expected that I would be so moved or impacted by what I saw. I’m thankful because watching these two get married renewed a hope in me that I hadn’t realized had begun to wane. It’s the hope that God has somebody completely perfect for me too, and when the time is right we’ll both see. In His timing, we’ll find each other. In the meantime, I can keep on enjoying my life – because it’s so good. I know how much God loves me, and He knows each and every desire of my heart. I also know that He’s faithful, and has never failed to keep a promise. I’m able to rest easy in the knowledge that God is in control and He knows what’s best for me.


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